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Evaluating the use of booster fans in two underground coal mines

Mining Engineering , 2011, Vol. 63, No. 6, pp. 115-119

Wempen, J.M.; Calizaya, F.; Peterson, R.D.; Nelson, M.G.


 As development in underground coal mines progresses away from the critical components of the ventilation system, including the main fans and ventilation shafts, resistance within the system is markedly increased. This results in higher pressure and flow requirements from the main fan(s) to maintain adequate face ventilation. Upgrades to the primary ventilation system are often required. The use of booster fans underground is a potentially practical alternative to the addition of shafts and surface fans. This study presents simulations of the use of booster fans in two underground ventilation scenarios, one longwall and one room-and-pillar. The booster fan effects on the power requirements of the ventilation systems are evaluated.