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Transactions is an annual publication that includes all peer-reviewed papers published in a calendar year by SME publications, including the technical papers in Mining Engineering and all papers in Minerals & Metallurgical Processing . In addition, it includes a section of 15 or more longer papers that are published only in Transactions . These papers are selected from a larger pool of peer-reviewed papers submitted to ScholarOne, SME’s online peer-review service. All papers submitted through this service are assessed by a panel of associate editors. If the paper is deemed provisionally acceptable, it is assigned to two to four expert reviewers in the relevant field. These reviewers determine whether the paper is acceptable as is or with minor revisions, whether it needs major revisions, or whether it should be rejected. They also recommend the paper for publication in Mining Engineering or Transactions . For more information on the peer review process, or to submit a paper through ScholarOne , visit our Online Peer Review page. Papers are generally published within six months of acceptance.

A peer-reviewed paper is more likely to be recommended for Transactions if it is long (6,000 words or more, or numerous tables/ figures), of interest to a narrow readership and/or has excessively complex figures.

Here are the complete guidelines on how to format your paper for Transactions . Be aware that Transactions uses metric units only, with English units in parentheses only if the original measurement was in English units. Authors are requested to make their own conversions.

CrossCheck is a multi-publisher initiative to screen published and submitted content for originality. SME uses the iThenticate software to detect instances of overlapping and similar text in submitted manuscripts. To find out more about CrossCheck? visit

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