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Enhanced subsurface subsidence prediction model that considers overburden stratification

Mining Engineering , 2012, Vol. 64, No. 99, pp. 78-84

Luo, Yi; Qiu, Biao


Subsurface strata movements and deformations caused by longwall mining operations in underground coal mines could affect many important coal mining activities, such as gob well degasification, ground water protection and multiple seam mining. The stratifications in the overburden have significant influence on the subsurface and surface movements and deformations in the ground subsidence process. An enhanced subsurface subsidence prediction model considering overburden stratifications has been introduced in this paper. In this method, the entire overburden strata are equally divided into a finite number of layers and the percent of the hard rocks in each layer is an additional input. The proven influence function method is applied to predict the subsidence on each of the predefined layers progressively upward using the predicted subsidence on the previous layer as the subsidence cause for the current layer. A computer program is developed to facilitate the calculations. A case demonstration is used to show the applicability of the proposed subsurface subsidence prediction model.