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Practical semiautomatic stope design and cutoff grade calculation method

Mining Engineering , 2012, Vol. 64, No. 99, pp. 85-91

Wang, H; Webber, T


An incremental-analysis-based stope design and cutoff grade calculation method was developed for an underground metal mine project. Traditional stope design methods are typically very time consuming and lack consistency and accuracy by manually drawing stope shapes. For quick reserve calculation and economic analysis, a new method named “3D incremental analysis based stope design” was created for mine-wide stope designs. The key idea of this method is to replace engineers’ manual checking of each incremental ring with one calculation of all the rings, and to build the final stope shape with the maximum values. This process was realized through a 3D ring grid setup and proper naming conventions for rapid calculations. With this unique but practical method, multiple options for a mine design were completed within a short time before the final selection of optimal cutoff grade and best stope designs for the project.