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Concentration of high-sulfur copper ore using a three-product magnetic flotation column

Minerals & Metallurgical Processing , 2013, Vol. 30, No. 2, pp. 122-128

Deng, Rongdong; Liu, Quanjun; Hu, Ting; Ye, Fenghong


 A tower-like magnetic system comprising eight permanent magnets was installed at the center of a flotation column to separate chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite minerals. A cyclonic flotation was installed within the underpart of the column to separate the pyrrhotite from the gangues. A three-product magnetic flotation column was fabricated to create a magnetic field and a cyclonic zone. The products were Cu concentrates, pyrrhotite concentrates and tailings. The theoretical magnetic field strengths and the magnetic forces were calculated. The results of the flotation experiments showed that the Cu grade increased from 14.20% without the magnetic field to 26.40% in the presence of the magnetic field and that the S grade in the pyrrhotite concentrates increased in the presence of cyclonic flotation. The separation efficiency of this magnetic flotation column was evident. Therefore, this three-product magnetic flotation column may have a potential application, due to its high separation efficiency.