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Openpit limit optimization through databases: an open source for data analysis and reporting services

Mining Engineering , 2013, Vol. 65, No. 11, pp. 44-49

Benito, R.


The publication of the Lerchs Grossmann paper in 1965 outlining a three-dimensional graph algorithm for ultimate pit definition set the standard for the mining industry regarding pit optimization. Although the algorithm provides a solution from a static standpoint (i.e., assumes instantaneous mining), it is widely used for commercial packages to generate ultimate pit limits and intermediate phases. However, the solutions delivered are presented in canned reports lacking connection to the original data, which prevents further data analysis and extended reporting. The approach presented in this paper attempts to overcome such barriers by performing openpit optimization through databases. An adaptation of the Lerchs Grossmann graph algorithm is used to generate nodes, arcs and tree structures in customized tables to determine the maximum closure of a graph.