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Development of CISPM-MS and its applications in assessing multi-seam mining interactions

Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration , 2013, Vol. 334, No. 1, pp. 519-526

Qiu, B.; Luo, Y.


Longwall and/or room-and-pillar mining operations in multiple coal seams may not only induce subsurface and surface subsidence but also cause interactions between these mined coal seams. The interaction might destabilize underground mine structures and subsequently induce additional strata movements. Mathematical models to use the predicted subsurface deformations to assess the interactions and the consequences have been developed. The models are incorporated into a computer program, CISPM-MS, for predicting the final surface movements and deformations, as well as the mining interactions associated with multiseam coal mining operations. It predicts final surface movements and deformations caused by the individual mining operations and by the interactive effects. The program can also be used to assess mine structural stability in multiseam mining operations. The paper presents the developed interaction models and their application in surface subsidence prediction caused by multiseam mining operations. A case study involving mining in two coal seams, using longwall and room-and-pillar mining methods, respectively, will be used to validate the program.