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Radial pick cutting performance in dry and saturated sandstone

Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration , 2012, Vol. 332, No. 1, pp. 396-405

Abu Bakar, M.Z.; Gertsch, L.S.


Linear cutting tests of a porous sandstone with a radial drag pick show that saturation of rock with water can increase the specific energy of fragmentation. This appears to be due, in this case, to a saturation-induced increase in the forces acting on the cutting tool without a concomitant increase of the fragmented volume. The mechanisms of this reaction are explored by examining various responses of the parameters controlled and induced during the linear cutting tests, such as cut spacing, cutter penetration, three-dimensional forces and muck production. A program of load-indentation testing is underway to evaluate the permeability threshold of this behavior. These findings are opposite from those made when the same rock is cut with a constant cross-section disc cutter reported elsewhere (Abu Bakar and Gertsch, 2011). Such results highlight the effects of different cutting tool designs, and indicate the need for a well-coordinated program of research to support effective excavator design and selection.