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Stress, geologic and support design system (SGS) for underground mine slopes

Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration , 2011, Vol. 330, No. 1, pp. 501-511

Mark, J.; Stankus, J.C.; Chen, H.; Li, X.


Accurate evaluation of stress and geological conditions is critical to ground control design in underground openings. For a slope entry, the problem is more difficult, because a slope will transverse through many types of strata. Over the last few years, Keystone Mining Services LLC, an affiliate company of the Jennmar Corporation, has developed a new methodology designated the “Stress, geologic and support design system (SGS).” The method analyzes the stress, geology and support design for a mine slope. The method has been successfully applied in various new slopes across the United States, and ground control plans developed using SGS methodology has helped coal companies successfully pass review and/or hearings by state and federal regulatory agencies. With a case application in the U.S. Midwest, this paper details and demonstrates the main concepts of the methodology, including (1) analysis of stress and geology and identification of strong, fair and weak zones along the slope; (2) primary and supplemental support design; (3) long-term support design in the form of steel square sets or arches and (4) validation of the support design utilizing advanced finite element computer modeling.