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Investigation of ventilation problems of a small coal mine compounded by a massive roof fail

Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration , 2010, Vol. 328, No. 1, pp. 466-473

Luo, Yi


 A massive roof fall occurred in a small room-and-pillar coal mine. The roof falls occurred under a barrier pillar in a closed coal mine located a short distance above the active mine. The extensive fractures connected the active mine with the old mine, turning them into a “combined mine.” Since completely sealing off the roof fall area is prohibitively expensive for the mine, ventilating the connected old mine became the only option. A comprehensive investigation was conducted to understand the atmospheric condition in the old mine and to find an efficient way to ventilate the “combined mine.” A set of studies involving geology, gas content, pillar stability and mine subsidence were performed to explore whether the closed mine is filled with an explosive air-methane mixture. The air quantity measurement data were used to determine the resistance of the air path formed through the fractured zone. Observations and measurements made from a tour to the underground and mine surface enabled the formulation of simple but effective ways to ventilate the old mine. The ventilation network analysis also suggested methods of control, so that sufficient ventilation air can be directed to the two parts of the old mine.