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Enhanced ionic exchange of uranium by indirect ultrasonic application with a submerged ultrasound probe

Minerals & Metallurgical Processing , 2015, Vol. 32, No. 4, pp. 230-234

Chung, K.W.; Kim, C.-J.; Yoon, H.-S.


With the final goal of ultrasonic application to ion exchange in a resin-in-pulp (RIP) system, the feasibility of an indirect ultrasonic application with a submersed ultrasonic probe was investigated first for the enhancement of ion exchange in the following resin-in-solution (RIS) system: Lewatit MonoPlus MP 600XL in an artificial solution with 106 ppm uranium. Ultrasonic radiation enhanced the ion exchange efficiency without mechanical degradation of resin. For 3.6 g/L of resin, the enhancement was 79 percent after 10 min of ion exchange and it gradually decreased to 11 percent at 60 min. In addition, a preliminary test of the mechanical stability of the resin in the RIP system showed little mechanical fracture of the resin due to ultrasound, which indicates that indirect ultrasonic application by a submersed ultrasonic probe is applicable for RIP systems.