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Risk management: Adapting Riskgate for underground coal mines in the United States

Mining Engineering , 2016, Vol. 68, No. 3, pp. 51-57

Jong, E.C.; Restrepo, J.A.; Luxbacher, K.D.; Kirsch, P.A.; Mitra, R.; Hebblewhite, B.K.; Schafrik, S.J.



The U.S. underground coal mining industry has recently seen the occurrences of several multifatality events that have interrupted an otherwise steadily improving safety record. These events transpired even with an unprecedented level of government regulations and safety technologies. These events may indicate that current safety practices have reached a level of diminishing returns. Risk management, a safety approach that has been successfully applied in numerous industries including mining, may provide a means to overcome this plateau. Riskgate is an Australian mining risk management program that may be successfully applied in the United States. However, fundamental differences between the Australian and U.S. coal mining industries prevent direct implementation. This paper discusses aspects of the Riskgate body of knowledge that require adaptation for its application in the United States