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Effects of dewatering flooded abandoned room-and-pillar mines on surface subsidence

Mining Engineering , 2018, Vol. 70, No. 6, pp. 45-50

Luo, Y.; Yang, J.


Investigating abandoned mine subsidence is often a difficult task because many factors, both mining- and nonmining-related, can affect the possibility and the formation process of surface subsidence events over abandoned underground room-and-pillar mines. Among them, mine water frequently plays an important role in causing such subsidence events. However, mine water could also serve the purpose of preventing subsidence. The dewatering of abandoned room-and-pillar mines has been identified as the main cause for a number of serious mine subsidence events in the past. 
   In this work, the mechanism of mine water to prevent surface subsidence over abandoned room-and-pillar coal mines was studied. Two mathematical models are proposed to quantify the potential effects of mine water on the structural stability of mine pillars, roof and floor as well as the potential for causing surface subsidence. The models are validated with an actual case.