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SME Transactions is now available solely as an online subscription. Each SME Transactions volume consists of three sections: 15 to 20 new papers on subjects ranging from mineralogy to mine safety, all of the peer-reviewed technical papers from Mining Engineering , and all of the peer-reviewed content of Minerals & Metallurgical Processing . SME Transactions remains the best single source for mine-related research from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), and its easy-to-use index provides a shorthand overview of current critical topics in mining research.

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Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., 2017, Vol. 342

Section 1:
This section contains all papers published in Mining Engineering during 2017
Authors Month
Development of a roof bolter canopy air curtain for respirable dust control
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W.R. Reed, G.J. Joy, B. Kendall, A. Bailey, Y. Zheng January
Optimization of flotation plant performance using micro-price analysis
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G.H. Luttrell, A. Noble February
Investigating particle size distribution of blasthole samples in an openpit copper mine and its relationship with grade
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R. Ganguli, A. Purvee, N. Sarantsatsral, N. Bat February
New integer programming models for tactical and strategicunderground production scheduling
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B. King, M. Goycoolea, A. Newman March
Reduction in diesel particulate matter through advanced filtration and monitoring techniques
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C. Pritchard, J. Hill, J. Volkwein, J. Noll, A. Miller March
Effects of mine strata thermal behavior and mine initial temperatures on mobile refuge alternative temperature
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D.S. Yantek, L. Yan, P.T. Bissert, M.D. Klein April
Discussion of “Defining hazard from the mine worker’s perspective”
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P. Mousset-Jones April
Human thermoregulation model for analyzing the performance of mine refuge alternatives
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M. Klein, M. Hepokoski May
Respirable dust measured downwind during rock dust application
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M.L. Harris, J. Organiscak, S. Klima, I.E. Perera May
Update of industrial minerals and rocks of New Mexico
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V.T. McLemore June
Characterization of a mine fire using atmospheric monitoring system sensor data
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L. Yuan, R.A. Thomas, L. Zhou June
Quick fixes to improve workers’ health: Results using engineering assessment technology
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E.J. Haas, A.B. Cecala July
Roof control, pillar stability and ground control issues in underground stone mines
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D. Newman August
Characterization of airborne float coal dust emitted during continuous mining, longwall mining and belt transport
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M.R. Shahan, C.E. Seaman, T.W. Beck, J.F. Colinet, S.E. Mischler September
Identifying and controlling heat-induced health and safety problems in underground mines
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K.C. Kocsis, M. Sunkpal September
Risk management and long-term production schedule optimization at the LabMag iron ore deposit in Labrador, Canada
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M. Spleit, R. Dimitrakopoulos October
Have emerging technologies reached the point where diesel particulate matter can be removed from underground mines?
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K.C. Kocsis October
Laboratory demonstration of DPM mass removal from an exhaust stream by fog drops
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L. Rojas-Mendoza, Z. Henderson, E. Sarver, J.R. Saylor November
Fundamental error estimation and accounting in the blasthole sampling protocol at a copper mine
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R. Ganguli, A. Chieregati, A. Purvee November

Section 2:
This section contains all papers published in M&MP during 2017, Vol. 34
Authors Month
Design of a continuous pilot-scale deslime thickener
Read Abstract
H.J. Haselhuhn, S.K. Kawatra February
Heat generation model in the ball-milling process of a tantalum ore
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J. Marino-Salguero, J. Jorge, J.M. Menendez-Aguado, B. Alvarez-Rodriguez, J.J. de Felipe February
Effects of solids concentration on gas dispersion in industrial mechanical cells
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F. Lopez-Saucedo, A. Uribe-Salas, G. Davila-Pulido, L. Magallanes-Hernandez, J. Batista Rodriguez February
Kinetic study of titanium-bearing electric arc furnace molten slag treated by molten sodium hydroxide
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Y. Li, H. Ni, Y. Zhou, D. Li, F. Zheng, M. Zhang, M. Guo February
Study on copper recovery from smelted low-grade e-scrap using hydrometallurgical methods
Read Abstract
E. Rudnik, N. Dashbold February
Mineral chemistry and phase equilibrium constraints on the origin of accretions formed during copper flash smelting
Read Abstract
J.C. Fernandez-Caliani, I. Moreno-Ventas, M. Bacedoni, G. Ríos February
System dynamics and discrete event simulation of copper smelters
Read Abstract
A. Navarra, H. Marambio, F. Oyarzun, R. Parra, F. Mucciardi May
Production of chalcocite by selective chlorination of chalcopyrite using cuprous chloride
Read Abstract
J. Kang, J.Y. Lee May
Heap leach modeling – A review of approaches to metal production forecasting
Read Abstract
J.O. Marsden, M.M. Botz May
Comparative analysis of the effect of microwave pretreatment on the milling and liberation characteristics of mineral matters of differentmorphologies
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V. Singh, R. Venugopal, S.K. Tripathy, V.K. Saxena May
Comparative study of pellets fired in pot grate and grate kiln pilot furnaces
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S.S. Wendling, R.C. Nascimento, F. Wendling May
Solubility of rhodium in dore metal
Read Abstract
K. Avarmaa, P. Taskinen May
Process evaluation and flowsheet development for the recovery of rare earth elements from coal and associated byproducts
Read Abstract
R.Q. Honaker, J. Groppo, R.-H. Yoon, G.H. Luttrell, A. Noble, J. Herbst August
Physical chemistry considerations in the selective flotation of bastnaesite with lauryl phosphate
Read Abstract
W. Liu, X. Wang, H. Xu, J.D. Miller August
Solvent extraction and separation of cerium(III) and samarium(III) from mixed rare earth solutions using PC88A
Read Abstract
V. Agarwal, M.S. Safarzadeh August
Concentration of rare earth minerals from coal by froth flotation
Read Abstract
W. Zhang, R. Honaker, J. Groppo August
Characterizing rare earth elements in Alaskan coal and ash
Read Abstract
T. Gupta, T. Ghosh, G. Akdogan, V.K. Srivastava August
Rare-earth leaching from Florida phosphate rock in wet-process phosphoric acid production
Read Abstract
H. Liang, P. Zhang, Z. Jin, D. DePaoli August
2017 MPD Student Poster Contest Reviewed Abstracts
Read Abstract
Recovering rare earths from waste phosphors using froth flotation and selective flocculation
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M. Yu, G. Mei, Y. Li, D. Liu, Y. Peng November
Chemical extraction of rare earth elements from coal ash
Read Abstract
M. Peiravi, L. Ackah, R. Guru, M. Mohanty, J. Liu, B. Xu, X. Zhu, L. Chen November
Exploring blast furnace slag as a secondary resource for extraction of rare earth elements
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A. Abhilash, P. Meshram, S. Sarkar, T. Venugopalan November
Rare earths recovery and gypsum upgrade from Florida phosphogypsum
Read Abstract
H. Liang, P. Zhang, Z. Jin, D. DePaoli November
The ultimate mineral processing challenge: Recovery of rare earths, phosphorus and uranium from Florida phosphatic clay
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P. Zhang, H. Liang, Z. Jin, D. DePaoli November
Rare earth mineralogy in tailings from Kiirunavaara iron ore, northern Sweden: Implications for mineral processing
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C. Wanhainen, B.I. Palsson, O. Martinsson November

Section 3:
Authors Year
Mining discrete-event simulation projects: A chronological, comprehensive review from 2008 to 2015
Read Abstract
E. Tarshizi, L. O’Connor 2017
CFD gas distribution analysis for different continuous-miner scrubber redirection configurations
Read Abstract
Y. Zheng, J.A. Organiscak, L. Zhou, T.W. Beck, J.P. Rider 2017
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