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Transactions of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration, Inc., 2018, Vol. 344

Section 1:
This section contains all papers published in Mining Engineering during 2018
Authors Month
Foam property tests to evaluate the potential for longwall shield dust control
Read Abstract
W.R. Reed, T.W. Beck, Y. Zheng, S. Klima, J. Driscoll January
Open-air sprays for capturing and controlling airborne float coal dust on longwall faces
Read Abstract
T.W. Beck, C.E. Seaman, M.R. Shahan, S.E. Mischler January
A survey of atmospheric monitoring systems in U.S. underground coal mines
Read Abstract
J.H. Rowland III, S.P. Harteis, L. Yuan February
Development, testing and proposed application of multiple passive source tracers for underground mine ventilation systems
Read Abstract
E. Watkins, K. Luxbacher, E. Jong February
Three-dimensional slope stability analysis of block sliding slope failure at the Pikeview Quarry, El Paso County, Colorado
Read Abstract
J.-B. C. Varnier, J.A. Cremeens, D.D. Overton March
Refuge alternatives relief valve testing and design with updated test stand
Read Abstract
T.J. Lutz, P.T. Bissert, G.T. Homce, J.A. Yonkey March
Use of subsidence to estimate secondary extraction of trona
Read Abstract
N. West, P.W. Conrad, R. Kramer, C. Todd April
Text mining analysis of U.S. Department of Labor’s MSHA fatal accident reports for coal mining
Read Abstract
E. Tarshizi, M.W. Buche, B. Inti, R. Chappidi April
Electromagnetic interference from personal dust monitors and other electronic devices with proximity detection systems
Read Abstract
J. Noll, R.J. Matetic, J. Li, C. Zhou, J. DuCarme, M. Reyes, J. Srednicki May
Dust control by air-blocking shelves and dust collector-to-bailing airflow ratios for a surface mine drill shroud
Read Abstract
Y. Zheng, W.R. Reed, J.D. Potts, M. Li, J.P. Rider May
Effects of dewatering flooded abandoned room-and-pillar mines on surface subsidence
Read Abstract
Y. Luo, J. Yang June
Investigation of the influence of a large steel plate on the magnetic field distribution of a magnetic proximity detection system
Read Abstract
J. Li, J. DuCarme, M. Reyes, A. Smith June
North American net import reliance of mineral materials in 2014 for advanced technologies
Read Abstract
J. Brainard, R.G. Sinclair, K. Stone, E. Sangine, S.M. Fortier July
Optimization of through-the-Earth radio communications via mine overburden conductivity estimation
Read Abstract
M. Ralchenko, M. Svilans, C. Samson, C. Walsh, M. Roper July
Impact of aging on the performance of impactor and sharp-cut cyclone size selectors for DPM sampling
Read Abstract
S. Gaillard, E. Sarver, E. Cauda August
Estimation of metabolic heat input for refuge alternative thermal testing and simulation
Read Abstract
T.E. Bernard, D.S. Yantek, E.D. Thimons August
Dust Suppression Hopper reduces dust liberation during bulk loading: Two case studies
Read Abstract
J.F. Colinet, A.B. Cecala, J.R. Patts September
Imminent danger: Characterizing uncertainty in critically hazardous mining situations
Read Abstract
B.M. Eiter, J. Hrica, D.R. Willmer September
Portable refuge alternatives temperature and humidity tests
Read Abstract
L. Yan, D. Yantek October
Empirical engineering models for airborne respirable dust capture from water sprays and wet scrubbers
Read Abstract
J.A. Organiscak, S.S. Klima, D.E. Pollock October
Field investigation to measure airflow velocities of a shuttle car using independent routes at a central Appalachian underground coal mine
Read Abstract
M. Shahan, W.R. Reed, M. Yekich, G. Ross November
Improving protection against respirable dust at an underground crusher booth
Read Abstract
J.R. Patts, A.B. Cecala, J.P. Rider, J.A. Organiscak November
Demonstrating the financial impact of mining injuries with the “Safety Pays in Mining” web application
Read Abstract
J.R. Heberger December
Data transport over leaky feeder systems using Internet-Protocol-enabled land mobile radios
Read Abstract
R. Jacksha, C. Sunderman December
Simultaneous stochastic optimization of production scheduling at Twin Creeks Mining Complex, Nevada
Read Abstract
L. Montiel, R. Dimitrakopoulos December

Section 2:
This section contains all papers published in M&MP during 2018, Vol. 35
Authors Month
Influence of hydrodynamics on preflotation process in flotation machine
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A. Bakalarz, M. Duchnowska, W. Pawlos February
Simulated permeability of flocculated kaolinite sediments from X-ray tomographic images
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J. Dong, C.L. Lin, J.D. Miller February
X-ray tomography for mineral processing technology – 3D particle characterization from mine to mill
Read Abstract     Purchase this paper from the SME store
J.D. Miller, C.L. Lin February
Two-phase optimization methodology for the design of mineral flotation plants, including multispecies and bank or cell models
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R. Acosta-Flores, F.A. Lucay, L.A. Cisternas, E.D. Galvez February
Development of process for beneficiation of low-grade iron ore consisting of goethite
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T. Umadevi, K. Abhishek, R. Sah, K. Marutiram February
Magnetic conditioning of sulfide minerals to improve recovery of fines in flotation – a plant practice
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H.-R. Manouchehri February
Revisiting the mechanism of cementation: The role of hydrogen species in acidic aqueous media
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J. Casado May
Dynamic modeling and simulation of a SAG mill for mill charge characterization
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V. Srivastava, G. Akdogan, T. Ghosh, R. Ganguli May
Hydrometallurgical treatment of zinc ash from hot-dip galvanizing process
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E. Rudnik, G. Wloch, L. Szatan May
Development of a new fine particle dry separator
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H. Akbari, L.A. Ackah, M.K. Mohanty May
Influence of rigid body motion on the attachment of metallic droplets to solid particles in liquid slags – A phase field study
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I. Bellemans, N. Moelans, K. Verbeken May
Flotation performance of a new collophane reverse flotation collector
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D.S. He, Z.H. Xie, W.M. Xie, X. Liu, H.Q. Li, Y.Y. Wu, Y. Hu May
Effects of cake thickness and pressure on the filtration of coal refuse slurry
Read Abstract
G.S.S. Raman, M.S. Klima August
Pressure leaching of copper concentrates at Morenci, Arizona – 10 years of experience
Read Abstract
C. Green, J. Robertson, J.O. Marsden August
Validation of electrolyte conductivity models in industrial copper electrorefining
Read Abstract
I. Lehtiniemi, T. Kalliomaki, L. Rintala, P. Latostenmaa, J. Aromaa, O. Forsen, M. Lundstrom August
Direct sulfuric acid leaching of zinc sulfide concentrate using ozone as oxidant under atmospheric pressure
Read Abstract
M.Z. Mubarok, K. Sukamto, Z.T. Ichlas, A.T. Sugiarto August
Effect of microwave treatment on the surface properties of chalcopyrite
Read Abstract
S.M.S. Azghdi, K. Barani August
Acid mine drainage remediation strategies: A review on migration and source controls
Read Abstract
Y. Li, W. Li, Q. Xiao, S. Song, Y. Liu, R. Naidu August
A strategy to accelerate the bioleaching of chalcopyrite through the goethite process
Read Abstract
X. Huang, H. Zhao, Y. Zhang, R. Liao, J. Wang, W. Qin, G. Qiu November
Biosolubilization of rock phosphates in a bioreactor using a microbial consortium from rhizospheric soils: An analysis
Read Abstract
C. Xiao, Q. Wang, B. Feng, G. Xu, R. Chi November
Bioleaching of electrolytic manganese residue by silicate bacteria, and optimization of parameters during the leaching process
Read Abstract
Y. Lv, J. Li, H. Ye, Z. Xu, D. Du, S. Chen November
Dissolution mechanisms of elemental sulfur during biooxidation of a refractory high-sulfur gold concentrate
Read Abstract
Y. Song, H.Y. Yang, L.L. Tong, S.T. Huang November
Extraction of manganese oxide ore by a reduction acidolysis-selective leaching method
Read Abstract
Y. Sun, G. Fu, L. Jiang, X. Cai November
Contact-bioleaching mechanism of Ni and Co from sulfide concentrate at neutral pH by heterotrophic bacteria
Read Abstract
X. Cui, Q. Gu, X. Liu, J. Wen, A. Lu, H. Ding, F. Yang, H. Shang, B. Wu, M. Zhang, X. Wang November
Semicontinuous biooxidation of high-sulfur concentrates: Relationship between volume or mass dissolution rate and pulp density
Read Abstract
Y. Song, H.Y. Yang, L.L. Tong, W. Sand November
Mineralogy, geochemistry and leaching characteristics of the high-grade Th-U-Y zone of altered syenite at El Garra El Hamra, SW Desert, Egypt
Read Abstract
Soliman Abu Elatta A. Mahmoud, Waild M. Abdellah, Hanaa A. Abu Khoziem November

Section 3:
Authors Year
Sustainable approach to energy consumption and supply in mining and processing: A case study in Namibia’s Skorpion Zinc Mines
Read Abstract
N. Nolten, T. Hollenberg 2018
Heat/humidity tests of a built-in-place refuge alternative using simulated miners
Read Abstract
D.S. Yantek, G.T. Homce, L. Yan, T.J. Lutz, J.R. Srednicki, J.A. Yonkey 2018
Current issues with purported “asbestos” content of talc: Asbestos nomenclature and examples in metamorphic carbonate and ultramafic hosted talc ores
Read Abstract
M.E. Gunter, M.E. Buzon, B.D. McNamee 2018
Effect of discontinuity dip direction on hard rock pillar strength
Read Abstract
K.V. Jessu, T.R. Kostecki, A.J.S. Spearing, G.S. Esterhuizen 2018
Analysis of extensometer, photogrammetry and laser scanning monitoring techniques for measuring floor heave in an underground limestone mine
Read Abstract
B.A. Slaker, M.M. Murphy, T. Miller 2018
Optimizing pit shells in the presence of geologic uncertainty with a heuristic algorithm
Read Abstract
T. Acorn, C.V. Deutsch 2018
Introducing a new mine ventilation design method by integrating discrete-event mining process simulation and ventilation simulation
Read Abstract
K.C. Kocsis 2018
Smart monitoring and control system test apparatus
Read Abstract
K.V. Raj, R.D. Jacksha, C.B. Sunderman, C.J. Pritchard 2018
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